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Question Skydrol anyone?

Okay, so does anyone have first-hand knowledge about or experience with the hydraulic fluid this guy is talking about? I'm not a big fan of Skydrol myself.

Re: cure for skydrol

by meltimms on 22 Nov 2009, 09:10
hi as a user of skydroll in the uk i find it hard to understand the manafactures of this dangerous substance as to why they actually continue to produce it !!!!!! there are products which are better than skydroll and are mineral based , they certainly dont burn your skin for a start ,easy to handle ,easy to use, infact the hole of the r.a.f use it which is om15 (mil spec) or oil 41 ,skydroll has been out for years and i think its about time it has to go , why on earth use an oil which is not user friendly in the first place i myself have had a lung full of this stuff and it is not pleasant at all believe me , some people say that it has a higher flash point than others well if you are heading to the earth at a great rate of knots i am sure the passengers will be really pleased to know that when they hit the ground the hydraulic fliud onboard will not burn but for the guys on the ground messing with this stuff evry day its a different story , remember design engineers you don't actually have to use it do you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is an interesting story on the history of Skydrol. It seems to ring pretty true. AMT Central, being a Douglas man, should enjoy it very much. It might be hard for a Boeing guy to read!

I post this link out of concern for what could happen with the new higher pressure hydraulic systems. If Skydrol is used in them, things might be worse than what happened to this guy. Has anyone heard of someone that got injected with Skydrol? What was the effect? Is the story about the guy drinking Skydrol myth or reality? Whatever way it goes, be careful out there!

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I'll have to read this later, took one look at those hand photos and almost lost it.....
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Will definitely have to read this later.
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I remember having to watch those Mr Skydrol films, I don't know if the story is true or not.

I have had my fair share of Skydrol baths, as has probably anyone who has worked on commercial airliners.

The picture was pretty bad--I had never seen anything like that before
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